European Network on Gender and Violence

European Network on Gender and Violence

The European Network on Gender and Violence is a network of over 300 researchers from different disciplines and countries. It supports exchange and collaboration among scholars and professionals who address violence, gender, violence prevention and related issues. The network holds annual conferences to facilitate interdisciplinary discussion of the latest European research in the field. Participation of young scholars and professionals is highly welcome!
Network membership is free. To join, please contact one of the coordinators (Renate Klein, Monika Schröttle).

The 2018 annual conference of the network will be hosted by the University of Bristol, June 27-29, Bristol, England.

About us

The network is an informal association of scholars and professionals. It addresses a wide range of topics in research on violence against women, gender-based abuse, child abuse, elder abuse and related issues. The focus of the network is on research and scholarship (it is not an association of practitioners) but much of the research by network members concerns practical questions of policy and intervention. The network has a long-standing relationship with Women against Violence Europe (WAVE).

The network was initiated in 1996 at a conference in Banff, Canada, and convened annual conferences until 2003. From 2004 to 2007 many network members participated in the Coordination Action on Human Rights Violations (CAHRV), funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme. In 2012, annual network conferences resumed.

Network members do not pay membership fees. Network conferences are often supported by a variety of public and private sponsors. The development of the network’s website has been supported by the Hesse Department of Science and Art, Germany.

The current network coordinators are Monika Schröttle, University of Dortmund, Germany, and Renate Klein, London Metropolitan University, England, and University of Maine, USA.